• The Beauty
    Girls, you are so beautiful!
    Twice a year you come from the most distant countries to celebrate Beauty.
    The variety of styles, colors and shapes shows how interesting your personalities are.
    I love eclecticism of these days, I love New York Fashion Week!
  • Manhattan Safari
    Life in the big city is like a safari...
    What do girls look there for? Fun, money, big love, fame?
    Go to Manhattan and find something special for you!
  • Lucky Star
    Sometimes your goals may not seem easy to achieve.
    But don't give up, love your dreams and fight for your lucky star!
    In case you have any doubts , just... eliminate them. Bang!
  • Ms. Cruella
    Furs, diamonds, gold, splendour - this is her life.
    She knows the taste of success and she loves to be a winner!
  • Pastelove
    She still believes love is sweet like a marshmallow...
    Thats's charming !
  • Hardlove
    He definitely prefers to spend his time with friends
    and devote himself to his passion, rather than talk
    about love with his girlfriend... Bad boy!...
  • Katelicious
    ...So she doesn't believe in anything anymore...
    But there are always some ways to heal a broken heart!